Organic Rice Flour

Brown Rice Flour

Glucorp believes that Brown Rice Flour is an essential part of one’s daily diet, which is why it is among one of our most mainstream products. For those favoring a more extravagant flavor when contrasted with wheat flour, as well as for individuals on a san’s gluten diet. GluCorp guarantees quality parameters are met for all aspects, bringing about a great, steady creation of Rice Flour.

Parboiled Rice Flour

Glucorp provides the best certified Organic & Conventional brown or white rice. Having extremely elegant properties with ultra-fine variants. Our rice provides the ultimate energy for a healthy body.

White Rice Flour

Glucorp white rice flour consists of all major minerals vital for the human body such as protein and iron. Our protected rice fields ensure optimal quality, which is best for production of rice flour. The flour is naturally gluten-free, making it easily digestible. This flour is extraordinary for conventional rice noodles and pasta. It makes flawless pizza base mixtures or can be utilized in baked goods such as in pie coverings. Rice flour is flavorful in without wheat bread, cakes, puddings, biscuits and treats. It tends to be joined with other lighter flours, similar to coconut or quinoa and functions admirably in plans with nut feast and/or eggs. We offer coarse, medium, fine and ultra-fine.