Organic Glucose Rice Protein

Rice syrup, also known as Rice Malt Syrup, is a light-tasting sugar substitute that is allergen-free, low in calories, and comes in various levels of sweetness. With a consistency like that of honey, Brown Rice Syrup has established itself as a popular alternative to sugar in the beverage and confections industry.


GluCorp Brown Rice Syrup, is light golden-hued, having a subtle, sweet flavor with light rich and nectar enhanced notes. It is produced using the enzymatic treatment of Organic brown rice, by utilizing Organic Enzymes which separates and becomes the viscous syrup.

Organic Rice Flour

Brown Rice Flour

Glucorp believes that Brown Rice Flour is an essential part of one’s daily diet, which is why it is among one of our most mainstream products. For those favoring a more extravagant flavor when contrasted with wheat flour, as well as for individuals on a san’s gluten diet. GluCorp guarantees quality parameters are met for all aspects, bringing about a great, steady creation of Rice Flour.

Parboiled Rice Flour

Glucorp provides the best certified Organic & Conventional brown or white rice. Having extremely elegant properties with ultra-fine variants. Our rice provides the ultimate energy for a healthy body.

Organic Rice Protein

Rice Protein-Food Grade

Our Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder with 80% Protein can be effectively blended into fluids and has a charming taste. With its high protein content, it's extraordinary for regular sports sustenance or to support your protein intake. It has no added substances, colorings or additives and is free from dairy, gluten, whey and soy. Product specifications can be customized as per customer requirement.

Rice Protein-Feed Grade

Rice protein meal is a primary source of animal feed. The rice protein meal which is the byproduct of rice starch is rich in nutrition. Rice protein meal plays an important role in helping animals grow and aids against illness. As a good additive to animal fodder, rice protein meal makes the animals grow stronger and healthier.