Our Mission

We at GLUCORP raise our heads future-forward, with eyes set on the horizon of progress. What we understand as progress is providing a responsibly sourced, sustainable solutions to the need of the times, which is, of course, facilitating organic people with a more organic world, filled with healthy, environmental and socially responsible options.

About Us

Since our inception in 1967 as Qureshi business group, under the supervision of our founder Mr Shams ul Arfeen Qureshi has been recognized as one of the leading food manufacturing companies in Pakistan.

The evolving needs of our suppliers and customers made us create GluCorp for the sole purpose of contributing to healthier food by supplying the food processing industry with non-refined organic and natural products using an environmentally friendly production process.

We aim to bring the world together by supporting ethical farming. We believe that nature can nurture mankind without any interference. Our priority is to give formulators functional alternatives to traditional sweeteners without compromising quality or functionality. Our products are perfect for today’s health-driven consumers.

Our Values

Our core values are to care about humanity in order to provide them with organic and healthy foods by strictly negating gluten inclusion. We strive to promote our farmers, empower our partners and ensure our stakeholders.

Avatar Elevating Organic Farming

Elevating Organic Farming

We at GluCorp practice state of the art farming techniques to attain high quality and high nutritional value crop. We employ the latest agricultural practices along with scientific techniques which help us stream line the overall farming procedure. The valuable input of our team of agronomists also play a key role in assisting our farmers.

Avatar Assuring Our Stakeholders

Assuring Our Stakeholders

We stand by our stakeholders by engaging in ethical decision making practices, operating with integrity and by meeting or exceeding local and global regulations, guidelines and environmental practices. Such practices ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers and distributors.

Avatar Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

At GluCorp we believe in working with nature rather not against it, we practice sustainable farming by adopting to the local conditions, by dealing fairly with our workers, promoting bio diversity, minimizing environmental damage using science based productivity helps us guarantee a consistent supply of our raw materials rice and tapioca.

Avatar Farm to Fork Traceability

Farm to Fork Traceability

Our organic farming is based on the concept of “Farm to Fork'' which means that food on your table comes directly from the farm where it was produced. It empowers us to come up with healthy and top-quality products and to contribute positively to environment-friendly and fair food systems.

Avatar Quality Control & Assurance

Quality Control & Assurance

Our team conducts quality assurance checks to verify the effectiveness and productivity of particular organic production activities. From the fertility management process of crop and soil to natural resources practices, we keep an eye on different factors that have a massive impact on the quality of our organic farming.

Avatar Research and Development

Research and Development

Our purpose is to develop and promote innovative organic and natural ingredients. To do this, GluCorp has set up an R&D team that is entirely dedicated to developing tailor-made ingredients. If you need an original and innovative product, we can meet your requirement efficiently.