Our rice grains are a good source of protein which are produced from the rice milling process and are available in their state. The aromatic rice grains offer a light and delicate taste and are high in nutrients that are beneficial to your body, weight, and overall health. It improves your nervous system health & reduces other disease factors such as cancer. These high-quality rice grains are available at Glucorp in different varieties and sizes to suit your taste & desire.

Grains Products

  • Avatar White Basmati Rice

    White Basmati Rice

    Basmati rice has significant use in our food industry. It helps in the preparation of various mouth-watering rice dishes that let us enjoy our meals.

  • Avatar White Broken Rice

    White Broken Rice

    Organic broken rice allows you to gain a healthy lifestyle and possesses calcium, iron, and protein, so what is best for your health.

  • Avatar White Long Grain Rice

    White Long Grain Rice

    Organic long grain rice could be a positive addition to your kitchen, so make your meals tasty and healthy with it by making the right choice for your health.

  • Avatar Parboiled Rice

    Parboiled Rice

    Organic parboiled rice is tested at each phase of processing to ensure that it is precooking at the right temperature for proper texture and quality taste.

  • Avatar Brown Broken Rice

    Brown Broken Rice

    Glucorp produces premium quality Broken brown rice. When brown rice is broken or fractured during the drying of grain, milling, or when they are transported it is called brown broken rice.

  • Avatar Brown Basmati Rice

    Brown Basmati Rice

    Our brown basmati rice is unmilled long-shaped rice with bran and germ. Fragrant and flavored rice.

  • Avatar Brown Long Grain Rice

    Brown Long Grain Rice

    Glucorp has a rich source of whole grains product of rice whose outer layers remain there with barn and germ.