Syrup Solids

Syrup solid is derived from natural ingredients which are easily digestible and allergen-free. It works as a sweetener and stabilizer for frozen food, baked goods, and energy drinks.

Organic Syrup solid provides better flavor and improves texture. It does not change much flavor, but it incredibly improves your mouthfeel. It is also considered a rapid source of energy and is preferable for those who usually engage themselves in physical activities and work out.

Syrup Solids Products

  • Avatar Rice Syrup Solids

    Rice Syrup Solids

    Glucorp Rice Syrup Solid is a moderate sweet powder in brown and white that is derived from organic rice syrups. It can be utilized for adding moisture and texture.

  • Avatar Tapioca Syrup Solids

    Tapioca Syrup Solids

    Glucorp tapioca syrup solids fulfill the needs of manufacturers in different ways that provide them with a wide range of options.