Rice Maltodextrin

Our Organic Rice Maltodextrin is a nutritive carbohydrate that is produced by the fractional enzymatic conversion of rice starch, formulating a spray-dried white, odorless, flavorless powder. Our Organic Rice Maltodextrin has a low molecular weight, because of which it can be easily mixed with other ingredients and used as a binding and bulking agent with high solubility. Even in products with minimal fat content, it retains texture, gravity, and mouthfeel. We produce brown & white rice maltodextrins in DE levels ranging from 10 to 18.

Rice maltodextrin is food-grade dextrose derived from the organic enzymatic process of pure Raw Cassava roots. It is a non-GMO powder that is safe and healthy. It is easily dissolvable in liquid and acts as a replacement of fat (stabilize fat) in different dairy products like cheese, puddings, & desserts, etc. This powder works as a thickener, filler, stabilizer, and bulking agent.

It is widely used in molecular gastronomy by chefs to convert high-fat ingredients into light ones that are used in foods to create a unique taste.

Rice maltodextrin powder in a spoon

SpecificationsRice Maltodextrin 10 DERice Maltodextrin 14 DE
Rice Maltodextrin 19 DE
Dextrose Equivalent (DE)
Total Carbohydrates g/100g98.5
Moisture %3-7
Shelf Life18 months18 months18 months

Applications of Rice Maltodexterin

  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health and personal care
  • Agriculture
  • Animals feed poultry
  • Milk powder for infants
  • Vitelline powder
  • Molecular gastronomy
  • Food industry
  • Retains freshness of food

Benefits of Rice Maltodexterin

  • Bulking agent
  • Easily digestible
  • Allergen free
  • GMO free
  • Suitable for vegan diet
  • Minimal fat content
a cup cake made from Rice Maltodextrin powder
in a brownie cake, rice maltodextrin is used as a baking ingredient