Best Food Choices When It Comes to Organic Syrups

Published on Apr 10th, 2023

Best Food Choices When It Comes to Organic Syrups

Traditional sugar and artificial sweeteners are frequently replaced with organic sweeteners. They don't have any toxic chemicals or additives and are manufactured from natural ingredients with little processing. Due to the rejection of artificial food additives and significant health concerns about consuming too much sugar, consumer interest in natural sweeteners has skyrocketed in recent years.

Organic syrups are deserving sweets to add to a healthy diet. The need for an excellent sweetener is constant, whether eating or drinking. You can choose the suitable syrup from the variety accessible on the market.

Due to growing health concerns about sugar consumption and issues with the safety of various non-nutritive artificial sweeteners, natural sweeteners have drawn a lot of attention. Lowering your use of refined sugar can be challenging, but it's worth the effort, given how seriously detrimental sugar can be.

This blog will explore the best food choices regarding organic syrups.



Brown rice is used to make brown rice syrup, a natural sweetener. It is frequently used in baking and as a substitute for corn syrup because of its mild, sweet flavor. We manufacture this light-tasting syrup at various levels of sweetness. This syrup is a liquid sweetener made from organic brown rice treated enzymatically using natural enzymes. The absence of fructose in organic brown rice syrup improves customers' health.

  • The usage of heavy metals is discouraged.
  • It is 100% Organic and not fake.
  • There is no fructose present.
  • It unites and becomes sweet.
  • It's simple to use.


Our organic clarified rice syrup has a clear, honey-like color, a smooth, sweet flavor, and a consistency similar to jars of honey. The enzymatic processing of organic rice using GMO-free organic enzymes results in organic clarified rice syrup, which is then condensed and filtered from heavy syrup using only whole rice.


Our Safe Infant syrup has an unmistakable, sweet flavor and a light golden appearance. This syrup is safe for infants to drink and is used in medicinal items since it aids digestion.

Baby food must always include organic ingredients, most notably brown rice syrup. The most popular syrup for baby food is brown rice syrup, out of all syrups.

  • Babies of all ages often consume it.
  • Its texture is similar to honey and is easily absorbed.
  • It is free of gluten, fructose, and lactose.
  • Also, it is suitable for vegan diets.
  • Heavy metals are absent from organic syrups, making them safe for infants. 
  • Organic syrups can be conveniently and hassle-free consumed by babies.


It is a sweetener in meals because of its good moisture absorption, crystallization abilities, and moderate sweetness. Our malt syrup is hypoallergenic, trans-fat-free, and gluten-free.


Our organic low-sugar syrup has a mild buttery and honey-like flavor with a clean sweet taste. It is made using organic enzymes that have been concentrated and purified into heavy syrup during enzymatic rice processing. It can be used as a substitute for sucrose and glucose syrup. The flavor is the same as conventional glucose syrup but has a lower sugar content and may retain water.

  • Diminish the risk of obesity 
  • Lower your chance of getting diabetes 
  • Reduce the chance of non-communicable diseases 
  • Syrups are used in place of Sugar 
  • It comes in all kind of flavor 
  • Organic syrups also contain few carbs.


Our clarified tapioca syrup combines organic clarified enzymes with tapioca starch to create an enzymatically converted sweetener with a shallow glucose level. Very little sweetness, body, and viscosity are present in these syrups.


Our high-quality Organic Tapioca Low Sugar Syrup has a buttery, savory, and smooth flavor. At GluCorp, tapioca is treated enzymatically to create this syrup. Our organic low-sugar syrup is better suited for people allergic to honey or strong syrups because it has a mildly sweet buttery flavor.

To sum up, there are lots of delicious food options when it comes to organic sweeteners. Brown rice syrup, honey, maple syrup, stevia, coconut sugar, agave nectar, and stevia are all excellent alternatives because they are made from natural ingredients, need little processing, and don't include any hazardous chemicals or additions. You can decrease your sugar intake and enhance your general health and well-being by using these organic sweeteners in your diet.