Food Production Methods

Published on Nov 23rd, 2021

Food Production Methods

What Food Production Methods Glucorp Follow to Achieve Organic People and Organic World

Organic people, Organic world - a mission that has so many causes and energies to push by. A world where we have access to food is not a world that is enough to nurture ourselves and prepare to compete with the challenges of tomorrow. Food is a primary need of the human body, consumption of food enables us to boost our immune energy levels to the fullest. But the question is which type of food consumption is best to make the world a better place to live.

Organic food consumption is the expert-enhancing step people should make for their impactful growth that assigns the supernova outcomes which will make a great change in societal and economical level as well.

People who inspire us to do something or tie us to the goal of our life are the only ones that have positive health and bright progress to show the world who they are. Examples are essential to change the narratives of the world. Organic people have perseverance in their minds and body to resist the negative eating habits that are hurdles in their progress.

Organic people help to build the bridges between people that unify the strength to win every battle of betterment with maximum power. When you are physically and mentally active and strong, your capabilities increase every day. You will be more capable of achieving a high degree of success.

It is important to spread factual awareness about the food production methods that make organic people, organic world an achievement for all of us.


Glucorp follows the organic food production methods that fulfill every nutritional need of your dietary routine. Glucorp implements the organic agricultural approach to expand positive well-being and organic culture together in one place.


Green manure is a process where green plants mix with the soil. It contains organic matter and nitrogen specifically. It improves and extends the quality of the soil. It grows moisture levels and adds nutrients for microorganisms. It is the method of agriculture that reduces weed infestation. Green manures are made by integrating plant materials including freshly cut weeds or rotation crop debris while they are all green and fresh.


Animal Manure is made of components that originated from animals, that can be both raw or composted. This organic farming method consists of animal components that are imposed in the soil while having serious restrictions as the stuff must not contain any synthetic additives. The agricultural soil must be examined before applications and manures are accepted at least three months prior to harvesting. Composted form of animal manure is best as they have a compact volume to deliver.


Livestock management is the process to manage the livestock in your farms like live animals. The care of cleanliness, shelter, water, and diet are all added to the management process. It is prohibited to breed poultry and cattle with synthetic medications, antibiotics, growth-expanding drugs and hormones, GMOs, clones and non-organic forage, etc. With proper livestock management, the animal manure of both types raw or composted will be more effective to your soil and generate profitable results in organic farming practices.


Organic farming eliminates harmful chemicals from food production. Due to this, weed control occurs through other options of integrated weed management which are biological, physical, cultural, and preventional. It includes:

  • Ignoring weed penetration onto the field with animals, machinery, irrigation waters.
  • Mulching.
  • Natural chemicals to eliminate germination.
  • Manual weeding.
  • Haymaking before weed seeding.
  • Introducing populations of birds, insects to consume weed seeds, etc.
  • Crop rotation.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecosystem procedure that concentrates on the long-term security of pests or their damage by a variety of techniques like habitat manipulation, biological control, use of resistant varieties, and modification of cultural practices. After monitoring the crops, pesticides are used only when they are required according to given guidelines, and treatments are applied with the goal of eliminating only the target organism. The pest control collection is utilized and applied in a way that decreases the amount of risk to human health, effective and non-target organisms as well as the environment.


Cover crops are basically grown for the soil. Cover crops foster organic matters in the soil and plus nitrogen in a light-release manner that plants can bear. It paves a way for less nitrogen usage. If managed properly, cover crops can enhance soil physical characteristics in just one incubating season and invite beneficial insects and pollinators to your fields. This organic farming method allows us to cover the field with any plant species. Cover crops repair soil erosion, extend water filtration, and aeration with their roots. They also suspend weeding with upper parts by avoiding unwanted vegetation from the sunlight.


Crop rotation is the procedure of planting different crops line by line on the entire land of fields to maximize and balance soil health, foster nutrients in the soil, and overcome pest and weed pressure. Crop rotation prevents soil erosion with different root mechanisms. It secures soil from depletion as diverse plants flourish nutrient release. It erases synthetic fertilizer applications that are prohibited in organic agriculture systems.


Glucorp’s goal is to deliver a higher standard of organic ingredients that serves people's well-being. Serving mankind at its peak and making organic ingredients - a convenient transmission for all.

By implementing the above-mentioned organic agriculture practices.

Glucorp achieved millions of happy customers and became a pioneer in transforming food consumption culture from conventional to organic. To ensure people live better, do better, achieve better is an impressive achievement of theirs that should be celebrated every day.