How To Pick The Right Sugar Alternative For Your Diet

Published on Jun 09th, 2021

How To Pick The Right Sugar Alternative For Your Diet

If you have a sweet tooth, it could be challenging for you to maintain good health. Not being able to abstain from using sugar in your diet affects your health’s stability. If it is impossible to quit sugar altogether, you should start looking for healthy alternatives.

Thankfully, a variety of sweeteners are available now that provide you with the option of alternative sugar. You must assess all the products to make the right choice, keeping in mind how your body behaves. Analyze the ingredients that are used in each product, so you can have a clear idea about what you want to buy.

Excessive consumption of sugar leads to diabetes and obesity, which can have harmful effects on your health. It can also affect your memory and increase dementia risk.

High sugar consumption can cause serious health issues like tooth decay, high triglyceride levels, obesity, etc.  

Here is a complete guide that will give you a comprehensive understanding of how you should choose the suitable sugar alternative for your diet.

Understand Sugar Alternatives Categories

Before choosing any sweetener for your diet; you need to understand different sugar categories to see where you fit in. It will help you decide what is best for your health. There are different types of sugar categories, including sugar alcohols, natural sweeteners, and novel sweeteners.

Sugar alternatives are the healthier choice for you, but you should also set a limit on the sweetener you consume as the excess of anything is wrong.

Assess Each Sugar Alternative Individually

Ingredients in every sugar alternative vary from each other, so you need to analyze all of them individually. Here we elaborate on some of the best-loved sweeteners that will help you decide what is suitable for you and what are their usages.

Brown rice syrup

Brown rice syrup is a plant-based and sustainably sourced product. It is gained from natural and nutrient-dense brown rice. Organic brown rice syrup is generated by breaking down the starch in cooked rice, which turns it into a conveniently digestible sugar. This syrup is applied in confectionery, dressings, beverages, bakery items, desserts, cereal energy bars, vitamin supplements, pharmaceuticals, baby food, pancake topping, and waffles.

Malt syrup

Malt syrup is also known as high maltose syrup. It is made from the enzymatic treatment of rice flour using GMO-free natural enzymes, which are filtered and concentrated into a heavy syrup. We can get it in both brown and clarified grades. It is taken as a sweetener in foods because of its exceptional moisture absorption, crystallization valuables, and slight sweetness scale. This syrup is gluten-free, trans-fat-free, and hypoallergenic. It’s ideal for baking, frozen desserts, ice cream, brewing and fermentation of beers, seasoning and sauces, cereals, pharmaceuticals, canning, confection, and soft drinks industry.

Tapioca syrup

Tapioca syrup is a natural liquid sweetener generated from tapioca starch extracted from the root of the cassava plant. Tapioca syrups are available in two varieties: clarified tapioca syrup and tapioca low-sugar syrup. Application of these syrups is in smoothies, jellies, frostings, cocktails, frozen desserts, jams, custard, pancakes, fruit salad dressing, beverages, gummies, baking, bars and cereals, sauces and condiments, and confectionery.

Low sugar syrup

The enzymatic rice process produces low-sugar syrup through organic enzymes that are concentrated and filtered into heavy syrup. You can use it as a substitute option for glucose syrup and sucrose. The low-sugar syrup is manufactured for sweetening affairs with low calories. The syrup carries organic ingredients. The application of the low-sugar syrup is friendly with baking ingredients, ice cream, vitamins, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, jelly, chewing gums, juices and beverages, confectionery, and flavored alcoholic beverages.

Clarified rice syrup

Clarified rice syrup is transparent in color, keeps a consistency similar to honey, and has a sweet flavor. Organic Clarified rice syrup is generated from the enzymatic process of organic rice with the help of GMO-free organic enzymes that are concentrated and filtered to heavy syrup by applying 100 percent whole rice. Clarified rice syrup is friendly to bakery products, baby foods, energy bars, beverages, frozen desserts, confectionery, cereal, icecreams, meat and seafood, dressing, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Infant safe syrup

Infant safe syrup is slightly golden colorwise and has a sweet flavor. It is gained through the organic enzymatic rice treatment. GMO-free enzymes are also utilized in the filtration process to eliminate heavy metals and insoluble proteins. Infant safe brown rice syrup is friendly to infant formula, energy drinks, pharmaceuticals, medicines, sauces and seasoning, baby cereals, baking ingredients, non-dairy frozen desserts, and food supplements.


Sugar alternatives provide you with the best way to minimize your sugar intake. If you love your health and want to eliminate different health issues, then picking a suitable sugar alternative is vital. You need to have the proper knowledge to be able to make the correct choice for a healthier life.