Trends in Organic Food Innovation: Exploring Glucorps Offerings at Supplyside West

Published on Oct 20th, 2023

Trends in Organic Food Innovation: Exploring Glucorps Offerings at Supplyside West

The phenomenal expansion of the organic food sector in recent years can be linked to a significant change in consumer awareness regarding dietary preferences and environmental effects. The demand for organic products has risen as people become more health-conscious and environmentally sensitive. The annual SupplySide West event, which has developed into a hub of innovation for organic food products, is one of the leading platforms fostering this growth.

This blog will thoroughly examine the developments in the organic food sector, focusing on how consumer tastes, sustainability issues, and a desire for healthier dietary options influence the market. We will also focus on the products offered by Glucorp at SupplySide West this year, highlighting the company's dedication to quality and sustainability and its response to evolving consumer demands for organic options.

Understanding About SupplySide West

SupplySide West is more than just a standard industry gathering; it is a vibrant center that brings together a wide range of experts from the food and nutrition sectors. 

Moreover, the event hosts a wide range of exhibitors, such as makers of nutritional supplements, dietary suppliers, and research organizations.

SupplySide West is crucial in assisting stakeholders in staying up-to-date with changing trends as the organic food business evolves rapidly. Seminars and workshops that explore the most recent research, market insights, and regulatory updates are available to attendees. As a result, professionals and food ingredient manufacturers will be well-equipped to deal with the change in the organic food industry.

The Organic Food Revolution

The movement for organic food has seen an enormous change, going from a small industry to a popular and widely available nutritional option for a growing number of consumers. This transformation can be attributed to several factors that have elevated organic foods to a mainstream status. Let's examine a few of the significant advancements that have sparked the organic revolution:

Sustainability: Consumers are looking for more sustainable food options as their awareness of environmental issues rises. These issues are ideally addressed by organic farming methods, which emphasize soil health, biodiversity, and little chemical use. The organic industry is growing partly because more and more people are becoming environmentally concerned consumers.

Wellness: In today's health-conscious world, many people are interested in eating organic foods, especially those who worry about maintaining their health.

Alternative Food Options

What's currently extremely popular? All those meals that don't contain any animal products. These vegan options are becoming increasingly popular, and guess what? The trend of organic goods is also gaining momentum.

Environmentally speaking, choosing foods that don't use animals is preferable.

Functional Ingredients: The range of organic products has expanded beyond everyday necessities. They now contain beneficial compounds with distinct health advantages. They can include probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogenic herbs, and superfoods. All of them are intended to enhance general well-being.

Sustainable Packaging: Organic food producers and USA syrup suppliers are trying to lessen their environmental impact because sustainability is a primary concern for customers. Options for sustainable packaging, like those that use less plastic and compostable materials, are gaining popularity.

Transparency and Traceability: Consumers are curious about the origins and production processes of the food. Consumers are more likely to trust brands that strongly emphasize transparency and traceability in their sourcing and manufacturing procedures.


A leading company in the organic food sector, Glucorp, has been at the forefront of innovation lately. Their exhibit at SupplySide West demonstrated their dedication to offering customers premium organic products. Here are a few of their standout products:

Plant-Based Protein Powders: Glucorp has launched a variety of plant-based protein powders derived from organic sources like brown rice. 

Organic Superfood Blends: Glucorp has showcased a range of organic superfood blends that mix nutrient-rich ingredients, including protein food grade, protein feed grade, rice drink powder, tapioca drink powder, and many more to address the need for functional nutrients. These mixtures are simple to add to meals, snacks, and smoothies.

Glucorp Shines with Premium Organic Rice Syrup and Maltodextrin at SupplySide West

At the SupplySide West event, Glucorp made a big impression by demonstrating its organic products. Their premium organic rice syrup and maltodextrin were among their outstanding products, grabbing interest from business professionals.

Organic Rice Syrup

At SupplySide West, Glucorp's organic rice syrup was the star attraction. This organic rice is used to make the natural sweetener, which is then processed in an eco-friendly manner. Glucorp's organic rice syrup is the best option for health-conscious consumers and food makers searching for a pure and organic sweetening solution because it is high in complex carbohydrates and free of synthetic ingredients. It improves the flavor of many foods and beverages and perfectly satisfies the growing demand for sustainable and organic components.


The organic maltodextrin that Glucorp displayed was another standout item. This maltodextrin is created from organic sources and processed to fulfill the varied needs of the food and beverage sector. SupplySide West attendees were especially inspired by Glucorp's commitment to offering an organic substitute for traditional maltodextrin.

Initiatives towards sustainable packaging: Glucorp has made great efforts to lessen its influence on the environment. They have switched to recyclable and biodegradable materials for environmentally friendly packaging. Their dedication to sustainability is consistent with this.

These products demonstrate Glucorp's dedication to organic food innovation while highlighting its role in the expansion and development of the organic food sector as a whole.