What Is Brown Rice Syrup?

Published on May 29th, 2024

What Is Brown Rice Syrup?

A sweetener that satisfies your cravings and complements a better way of living is none other than Brown Rice Syrup! This beautiful, amber-hued syrup is made from whole-grain brown rice and has a mild, nuttier flavor that complements many different foods without empowering them. Brown rice syrup is your go-to ingredient whether you want to make chewy, moist cookies, add a flavor to your savory stir-fries, or even just pour some natural sweetness over your pancakes in the morning!

However, this adaptable sweetener is more complex than it first appears. Compared to ordinary sugar, brown rice syrup delivers sugar into your bloodstream more gradually since it has a lower glycemic index. Therefore, you will experience a pleasant, continuous energy boost without the typical sugar highs and lows, making you feel fantastic all day! It's also a safe and inclusive choice for everyone at your table because it's vegan and gluten-free, a dream come true for people with dietary limitations.

Curious? You ought to be! In your kitchen, brown rice syrup holds endless possibilities just waiting to be discovered. Are you prepared to go more and find all the mouthwatering ways this natural sweetener may improve your recipes? Let's go on this delicious journey to learn about brown rice syrup's advantages and applications. You'll quickly discover why this syrup is becoming so popular among individuals concerned about their health.

Understanding Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is a sweetener made from brown rice enzymes and water. The first step is to cook the rice until it's soft. Subsequently, the complex starches in the rice are broken down into simpler sugars by these naturally occurring enzymes. At that point, the rice transforms into a thick, golden liquid. You're left with this smooth, syrupy goodness, which is the ideal sweetness to your food after filtering away any bits and pieces.

Brown Rice Syrup Vs. Sugar Syrups

Choosing between brown rice syrup and sugar syrup to sweeten your food might affect its nutritional value as well as its flavor. Brown rice syrup has possible health benefits, while sugar syrups offer neutral sweetness. Knowing these differences can improve your baking and cooking efforts, regardless of your preference for natural touch or adaptability.


Glucose and maltose, two simpler sugars, are produced naturally by breaking down the starches in whole-grain brown rice, the main ingredient in brown rice syrup. Though in tiny proportions, this technique preserves some advantageous trace minerals in brown rice. The final product is a thick, amber-colored syrup with a subtle nutty flavor.

However, sugar syrup preparation involves thorough processing and chemical exposure to convert the starch into glucose. The sugar syrup is further processed to increase sweetness by converting glucose into fructose. 

This produces a syrup with a higher percentage of fructose, which, when ingested in excess, has been connected to several health issues.


The question that raises concerns among health-conscious individuals is: Who can use brown rice syrup? Is it safe to use in our diet? The satisfying answer is yes; brown rice syrup is often regarded as a healthy option, and people can freely use it.

People with Dietary Restrictions and Diabetes

Brown rice syrup is safe for people with sensitivities or dietary restrictions. It is a fructose-free and gluten-free product, a plus for people with gluten sensitivities who need to restrict their diet. There is a constant debate on why sugar is harmful. Studies show that glucose spikes the blood, causing subsequent crashes of blood sugar levels in our bodies. However, brown rice syrup has a low glycemic index, which gradually increases blood sugar levels, energizing you throughout the day.

People with Hypertension

People with high blood pressure need to control salt and sugar in their diet. Brown rice contains some potassium, magnesium, iron, and fiber, which is good for hypertension patients. In this regard, brown rice syrup is considered a suitable option.

Brown rice syrup releases energy slowly, energizes the body for long hours, and controls fluctuation in blood. Brown rice syrup also contains minerals and vitamins that are also beneficial for hypertension patients.

During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women prioritize eating natural and minimally processed foods to promote their own health and the health of their developing child. Brown rice syrup is a safe and enticing choice for sweetening in this situation. Because of its low processing and natural origin, brown rice syrup fits nicely with the tastes of expectant mothers who are looking for healthy food options.

For Athletes

Brown rice syrup is an excellent complement to any diet for people who are active or who are athletes. Brown rice syrup provides muscles with easily accessible fuel in the form of glucose and maltose, making it a fast source of energy. This function becomes especially helpful when engaging in strenuous physical activity, as the body needs a quick energy boost to maintain optimal performance. Athletes can improve muscular function, increase endurance, and maximize energy levels by adding brown rice syrup to their post-exercise recovery meals or pre-workout snacks. Brown rice syrup is a favored option for supplying energy for physical activities due to its natural origin and easy digestion. It offers a reliable energy source without the added load of artificial chemicals or refined sugars.

For Young Kids

Parents usually search for healthier solutions for sweetening their young kids. Brown rice syrup can naturally sweeten homemade baby foods. Its flavor is mildly nutty and pleasing without being too sweet. However, minimizing sweeteners in general is crucial to promote a child's preference for naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables.

How to Add Brown Rice Syrup to Your Diet

Including brown rice syrup in your diet is very simple. Here are a few accessible applications for it:


A generous spoonful of this golden sweetness, mixed into your pancake batter, is like a lovely, natural embrace. 

Hot Drinks

Add a teaspoon of brown rice syrup to your hot drinks instead of adding sugar. It's simple to dissolve and offers a mild sweetness.

Iced Drinks

Brown rice syrup can enhance the flavor of a delightful glass of lemonade, iced tea, or coffee. It mixes in perfectly, adding a subtle sweetness to your homemade drink.


Drizzle brown rice syrup on your salads and give it a delightful taste.


To sum up, brown rice syrup is a unique and health-conscious substitute. Due to its natural origins and low processing, it is a popular alternative for various dietary needs, such as athletes needing rapid energy sources and pregnant women looking for wholesome solutions. Brown rice syrup helps those with high blood pressure and older people by giving them a constant energy supply. It is a sensible option for many people due to its compliance with a broad spectrum of dietary choices. Moderation is essential to guarantee that its advantages are maximized within a balanced diet. Thus, the next time you search for a versatile, natural, healthier sweetener, try brown rice syrup. This easy change can simplify your cooking and baking without compromising your health!

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