Why choose organic brown rice syrup?

Published on Mar 31st, 2023

Why choose organic brown rice syrup?

Organic syrups are well-deserved sweeteners to make your diet an exemplary one. Whether you are having a beverage or a meal, the requirement for a fantastic sweetener is constant. There are different syrups available in the market; it’s your choice to pick the suitable ones for you.

Brown rice syrup is a sweetener made up from brown rice. It is generated by revealing cooked rice to enzymes that crash starches and makes them into tiny sugars, then purifying the impurities. The outcome is a thick, sugary syrup.

Overall organic brown rice syrup is extremely nutritious; its syrup carries some nutrients. It can offer tiny amounts of minerals such as calcium and potassium, but this is minorly compared to what you secure from whole foods. This syrup is so great in sugar. It improves your calories but not nutrients.

Fructose doesn't uplift blood sugar levels nearly as much as glucose. So for patients with diabetes, it is beneficial. But glucose can be metabolized by every cell in your body; fructose can only be metabolized in essential amounts by your liver.

Few scientists hypothesize that excessive fructose consumption may be one of the underlying causes of type 2 diabetes. High fructose consumption has been associated with insulin resistance, fatty liver, and increased triglyceride levels. 

Because glucose can be metabolized by all of your body’s cells, it should not have the same negative effects on liver function. Therefore, brown rice syrup’s high glucose content is a positive attribute.

But organic brown rice syrup is fructose free, which makes it more beneficial for the health of consumers.

Let’s review the benefits of organic brown rice syrup, which covers the chapter on your healthy routine.

Brown rice syrup declines the use of heavy metals

Organic brown rice syrup is made from the guidelines of sustainable ingredients. To eliminate heavy metals that may add lead, mercury, and arsenic, organically-grown brown rice is put through a proprietary safety validation process. This guarantees that these harmful substances won’t affect the product’s nutrients.

Brown rice syrup is organic and pure

Due to brown rice is plant-based and sustainably sourced, it’s manufactured into an easily digestible sugar. No artificial ingredients are added during the process of breaking down the starch in cooked rice. Unlike artificial sweeteners that can potentially cause negative effects on your health, organic brown rice syrup is derived from nutrient-dense, all-natural brown rice.

Brown rice syrup does not carry fructose

Fructose is a molecule that exists in most shapes of sugars. Unlike glucose, the other sugar molecule that can be broken down and utilized in other parts of the body, fructose can only be broken down in the liver. Since organic brown rice syrups don’t contain fructose, they won’t adversely impact your liver function and metabolic health.

It binds and sweetens

With organic brown rice syrup; you can easily give your favorite snack bars their shape and keep them stable without baking them. Additionally, it sweetens them while keeping the other ingredients, such as fruit, berries, and nuts, plus fresh, natural dairy products, like yogurt, cream, milk, etc.

It’s easy to use

Eating a balanced diet is challenging. Sometimes we don’t have time to cook but have to eat the desired meal. Organic brown rice syrup is convenient to consume. As it comes in a bottle, so it’s simple to add drops or a tablespoon over the meal. You can use it while cooking the meals or after the meal is ready. In both ways, it will give you outclass results.


Organic brown rice syrup is not only a product; it’s a tradition that maximizes the sweet taste and syrup culture nutrition all at once. It helps to improve the texture of meals, especially dry meals, which is another plus point.