Why do we need to Switch to a Vegan Diet?

Published on Dec 14th, 2021

Why do we need to Switch to a Vegan Diet?

WHY DO WE NEED TO SWITCH TO A VEGAN DIET? - Being Transparent on 5 Whys.

Plants - a solution to the millions of problems of our globe. Plants make us realize how the system of exchange works for the positivity of the earth. It is nothing easy to describe anything more than plants that are worthy for our health and uplift human survival at its best.

In today’s advanced age, the world is offering us so many luxuries and technologies. Now, we are unable to realize how do we balance ourselves with appropriate functionalities that improvise us to grow and develop better.

A vegan diet vitally supports us to perform well in our personal and professional domains. A plant-based food associates us with beneficial dietary routines that exceed the chances of lifelong strong organism systems that reduce the chances of having dangerous diseases and from suffering prolonged illness.

A variety of vegan food is widely known as the diet that comes from plant-based derivatives which consume, nurture, and deliver us the right amount of nutrients that maximize our immunity and boost our productivity mentally and physically.


Plant-based food consumption reserves the place for you to store freshness that improves you in terms of activeness whether it is in your blood cells, skin purification, or immunity.

It is so beneficial for us to adopt naturally grown plant-based ingredients in which the other things also need consideration like fruits and vegetables, legumes such as peas, beans, and lentils, nuts and seeds, bread rice, and pasta, dairy alternatives such as soymilk, coconut milk, almond milk, and vegetable oils.

Following are the reasons that help us in knowing why we need to switch to a vegan diet.


Boosting brain activism is a lifeline when it comes to attaining success in any of the paths of life. The brain is the most prior among all of our organs. Vegan variety of food consumption helps to refine our brain performance and activate it to further processing like sharpens artificial intelligence, provokes memory to absorb a greater amount of knowledge. A vegan diet fosters clarity in our thinking and moves us in the direction where we can easily go through every problem with a strong mentality.


The diverse variety of vegan diets exceeds the microbial system that enhances gut health. Gut health elaborates the functions and stability of bacteria in the many parts of the gastrointestinal span; organs such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestine all work together to allow us to eat and digest food without discomfort. Gut health contributes to our health in the most fruitful manner. All food shivered in the gut to an ordinary form that can enter the bloodstream and be converted as nutrients throughout our body. A vegan diet helps to improvise our health by providing essential nutrients to our bodies.


There are a greater number of proteins in plant-based diets. We can’t give them an accurate number of benefits due to its overwhelming significance which is too hard to quote. Proteins are the basic building block of cells.

Plants introduce proteins in the body, therefore, strengthening our hair, nails, and skin that are majorly made up of a protein called keratin. Also, proteins are a part of the cell membrane that lines the immune cells in our body.

An adequate amount of protein is known to enhance immunity on a greater scale. It is too notable in reducing the risk of cancer that’s growing to be one of the major causes of mortality in Pakistan.


Plant-based diets always help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. This is all possible because plants contain low stores of glucose and fats which are unlikely to get stored as padding under different parts of your body.

Also, a lot of diseases arise due to over-putted weight. For say, diabetes mellitus and hypertension are the most common diseases in Pakistan which are likely to develop in patients who’re extremely overweight.

It too ensures lower plaque accumulations in your blood vessels, mostly those which are directing the blood to the heart and the brain. It decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke which are the most common cause of mortality all over the world.


Q#1) Can I eat raw food as a vegan?

This is absolutely not suggested. Cooked food is always better digestible and acceptable by your gut. Also, this introduces superior protection as it prevents the entrance of live microbes into our tummies.

Q#2) Do vegans look younger?

They do. Because they have a diet-type that’s rich in antioxidants. It helps not just boost their immune system but also help meet the requirements of their skin. It’s somewhat very authentic to introduce glow and health to the largest organ of the body - skin.

Take Home Message

A vegan diet can be extremely useful when done right.  A lot of individuals choose it for ethical and environmental reasons but what outnumbers are the people who opt for it to increase the number of years of their living.

And the truth is that vegetarians tend to live a decade more than non-vegs. As with these diets, what is important is that these diets are only result-driven if done with utmost consistency and patience.

A little cheat won’t matter but this is a million-dollar question for a lot of vegans in this world.