Why Pick Organic Brown Rice Syrup As a Substitute For Sugar?

Published on Jul 30th, 2021

Why Pick Organic Brown Rice Syrup As a Substitute For Sugar?

There is always more traceability on organics than conventional food lines.

So, the whole grain organic brown rice is meshed and grounded to its fullest to achieve pure organic brown rice syrup; that’s, of course, the better substitute for killer refined sugar.

Why is this too important to understand? Generally, organic foods don’t have the significant nutritional standalone advantage over the conventional diet, but they can immensely reduce the risk of following:

  • Obesity
  • Cancers
  • Eczema in infants
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy

Eventually, organic eaters have a win-win situation over those who rely solely on conventional sugar sources. 

Live With A Premium Sweetener

The way you consume sugar defines rightly your life choices and, eventually, your health conditions.

People with diabetes prefer having fructose as their essential low sugar syrup choice, while healthy mates avoid it.

Brown Rice Syrup is almost 100% glucose and 0% fructose, making it a needed choice for this century.

The thick and sticky brown rice syrup is made by crushing brown rice starches into a pale honey-like syrup that’s not overly sweet for you to bear.

Its moderate sweetening property with a roasted flavor sets it apart from the sweeteners you might have with you in your rotation.

Either you’re looking for a premium salad dressing or baking a non-sugar muster; brown rice syrup matches well with your preferences. 

What Makes Brown Rice Syrup Powerful? 

It has phytates. Phytates are potent anti-oxidants and anti-nutrients that tend to chelate with other minerals like iron and copper. 

Excess iron and copper can cause a lot of oxidative damage in the body. Phytates play a very vital role in avoiding cancer. 

It’s because strong anti-oxidant properties cease the oxidative cycle that’s required for cancerous mutations. 

Let’s Understand The Types Of Sugar


Either it is natural sugar or refined one, both are ubiquitous in our modern world.

Natural sugars like maple syrup and honey act like refined sugar most of the time. What makes them different is the subtle presence of anti-oxidants within them.

Fruit sugar, in contrast, is way too different. It has fructose.

You’re not just getting sugar out of the fruits but also getting vitamins, minerals, and a wholesome amount of fiber.

Fiber prevents the absorption of sugar at once by releasing a massive amount of insulin.

Likewise, when you eat candies and chocolate, there’s a surge of insulin asking the body to store the sugar as in fats. It is where obesity has its birth.

Brown sugar contains majorly maltose which is made by adding 2 glucose subunits.

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Brown Rice is naturally gluten-free. Want to be on a new vegan diet? A brown syrup can kickstart your day in a nutshell with all the sweetness you deserve to have.

Going gluten-free no longer gets tricky when you have a sweetening agent right there on your table.

Discover Brown Rice To Its Core

White rice is overall a refined product in which the bran and germ; therefore, the husk is taken away, leaving behind a pure carb strip for you to consume.

The white rice strip is the richest form of carbs, without any percentage of vItamins that presumably are lost in the husk.

In contrast,  brown rice contains relatively greater fiber, unsaturated lipids, a moderate amount of proteins, micronutrients, and several bioactive compounds that give it an edge over contemporary white rice. 

Final Verdict

Everything in moderation turns advantageous for your body. Either it is whole grains, nuts, the fruits; no matter whatever you intake, the smaller the portion, the healthier you be.

For instance, if you’re taking brown sugar with every meal because you are too moved by its taste, it will harm your body.

This is why we, since our childhood, are taught about a balanced diet and moderation to live with.

Therefore, the takeaway message for today is ‘Eat everything you love, but with moderation.