Rice Protein Feed Grade

Our rice protein powder feed grade is produced by the biological fermentation of natural rice starch, it is available in 50 to 70 percent concentrates. Rice protein plays an important role in helping animals grow and aids against illnesses.

We offer it in different mesh sizes ranging from 45 to 100. Rice protein feed grade is a good additive to animal fodder, it ensures livestock’s good health and makes them stronger.

Our feed grade rice protein enhances energy and serves as a cheaper alternative to fish and meat-based ingredient solutions.

Rice Protein-Feed Grade 45 - 50
Mesh Size45 - 100
Moisture %6
Ash %5


  • Animal nutrition
  • Pet Food
  • Livestock feed
  • Antibiotics
  • Growth supplement for animals


  • Fat burning resource
  • Good source of amino acid
  • Minimize blood sugar
  • Helps in maintaining muscle mass
  • Stores protein in the body
  • Prevents several disease
  • Improves energy
  • Hypo Allergenic